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Are you in a hunt for customers to your service business? Taskmario welcomes you to be our partner , the task runner!

Here is an opportunity to grow your service business by joining our community of professionals who are always on go to get things done!


  • Expand your business easilyTASKMARIO is that one platform where all your target customers are already seeking you.
  • Regular business leadsBusiness leads are at your fingertips, at the comfort of your home or office. The best tool for freelancers!.
  • Simple process of signing upNothing can be simpler than signing up by adding your contact & service details to be a taskruner, it’s as easy and short as that!.

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How Taskrunner Works

Answers to Chances Become a task runner by signing up with your mobile number. Answer a few questions regarding your service.

Quote to make the shot Whenever there is a relevant enquiry, quote the best price you can offer for your service.

Show-time is the best time! Once you are chosen to run a task, complete your task promptly and efficiently.

Plan the pay On completion of your tasks, get paid through our online payment portals or directly from the customer.

Preview your review Enjoy your reviews for that extra-ordinary service you made, keep improving your ratings and bag more jobs!

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to become a Taskmario Partner and get quality business leads.

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