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Taskmario is all set to revolutionize the way you get things done.

Have you anytime found yourself end up in a struggle to search, convince or negotiate for a plumber, cleaner, electrician, photographer or web designer when you needed them the most? Or maybe, you were new in the city and you were clueless of which local professional service provider to hire or what would they charge? You must have tried all sort of crazy things- called up those neighbours in the midnight if they could be of help, paid up lump sum to classifieds, invested in yellow pages, shouted out in social media or pasted a hundred ‘wanted’ print outs on nearby walls!

That was exactly when you should have thought of us! We, TASKMARIO, the brain-child of Cyphershot Technologies Pvt Ltd are an online marketplace for local service attempting to upend the traditional way that customers and service professionals connect. Let that be getting a plumbing job done, getting an electrical, handyman, salon services at home, house cleaning, improving your fitness through yoga, learning to play guitar, decorating your home, roadside assistance  or getting candid photos of your wedding clicked, we help you find the person for your requirement , call them ‘Task-runners’, at the right price! We help you accomplish personal projects by hiring experienced professionals near to them. We deliver custom, project-specific quotes from qualified and available professionals, and empower you to select and hire ones apt for the same. On-Demand services or Instant services, name it and our trusted task-runners will be aligned at your service as soon an emergency service is requested.

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To create healthy homes, better living and beautiful moments.


Our Team

  • Mihir.E.S

    Co-Founder- CEO
  • Arun Kumar

    Co-Founder- Product & Design
  • Bijith Baby

  • Sooraj .P.P


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