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Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use agreement established dictates how we operate, controls and manages our services. Your TASKMARIO (customer account) and TASKRUNNER (service provider account) will be terminated without warning if you are not complying with our terms and conditions and any applicable rules and regulations.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

To avail the services of our website, you should agree that you are competent under the law to enter into a legally binding contract. To become a TASKRUNNER, you should be an authentic and reliable service provider with all legal registrations.

Using Information from TASKMARIO & TASKRUNNER

As a user or service provider, you can share your personal information with others in order to negotiate, provide, and use the services available with TASKMARIO. If you agree to the contract for a service with a TASKRUNNER (service provider), you should reveal your name, email, phone number, or personal address to get the service performed.

Account Protection

Your password/OTP as the key to your TASKMARIO account is your responsibility. Do not disclose it to anyone. With lose of the password, you may lose your control over your personal information, and it may case legally binding actions taken on your behalf. You can request a password change any time of your account use.

User Generated Content

We invite you to post contents like reviews, feedback, profile photos etc. on our website. If you post the content to our Website, all of the information that you post will be available to all visitors to our website. TASKMARIO cannot prevent such information from being used in a manner that may violate the privacy policy.

Acceptance of Terms

The terms of use constitute a legally-binding agreement between TASKMARIO/TASKRUNNER and you. The terms constitute provisions that define your limits, obligations, and legal rights with respect to your participation in and use of the TASKMARIO mobile application, TASKRUNNER mobile application  and website.

Modifications to Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy

TASKMARIO reserves the right to alter, modify, or amend the policies, terms, and conditions or any other documents within the regulatory and the legal framework.

The alterations and amendments at any time will be immediately posted and updated on our website in the domain of www.taskmario.com